Dhivyaraja Shruthi Light Music,Instrumental Orchestra In Chennai

 Welcome to Dhivyaraja Shruthi Light Music Orchestra

  About Us

Dhivyaraja Shruthi is a renowned light music orchestra based in Chennai,performed over 3000 shows wordwide,specializing in captivating performances of light music and instrumental music shows. Our passion for music entertainment is reflected in every note we play, aiming to create unforgettable musical experiences for weddings, marriage events, corporate events, general public gatherings, and family get-togethers.


  1. Light Music
  2. Instrumental Music
  3. Karaoke Shows
  4. DJ Shows
  5. Unplugged Shows

 Dhivyaraja Shruthi is professionally engaged in performing Light Music and Instrumental Music,headed by Dhivyaraja Mazan who himself being a Singer and Composer.Many people run orchestras just as an hobby.They'll be having a job.They finish their jobs at the evening and come to Mandapams just like that.They'll already be tired and torned.But We've dedicated ourselves to Music and Music is our Profession and We do our job with utmost care,We'll be well prepared ,organised and well rehearsed.You can surely feel the difference in our performance and presentation.

   **Wedding Music:** Elevate your special day with enchanting melodies and harmonious tunes.

* **Corporate Events:** Add a touch of sophistication to your corporate gatherings with our musical expertise.

* **General Public Concerts:** Experience the magic of music with our captivating performances for all music lovers.

* **Family Get-Togethers:** Create memorable moments with your loved ones accompanied by our soulful music.

  Our Team

Meet our talented team of musicians and performers who bring alive the essence of music through their mesmerizing performances. With years of experience and dedication, our team ensures to deliver top-notch musical entertainment for every event.


We in our orchestra are giving special attention towards Sound Management.As nowadays Air Conditioned halls are preferred and it requires special attention towards sound quality otherwise guests in our Event will be disturbed and irritated by loud noises.They can't share anything and even speak to one another.Music should enhance the evening and it should not spoil the event.For that sake We've specialised Digital Mixers that brings out the sound polished and perfect to ears.In that We can assure you that We are different from others and Unique.


"Working with Dhivyaraja Shruthi was an absolute delight! Their music elevated our wedding to another level." - Samantha, Bride

"I hired Dhivyaraja Shruthi for a corporate event, and they exceeded all expectations with their exceptional performance." - Alex, Event Manager

   Contact Us

Let us create a musical experience that will leave a lasting impression on your audience. Contact us today to book our services for your upcoming event.

Remember, at Dhivyaraja Shruthi, it's all about music - no noise, only melodious tunes!

Dhivyaraja Shruthi

12,Raja St,Velachery,

Chennai - 42


For Audio Recording,Dubbing,Voice Overs -  D STUDIO
For acting,Direction,Cinematography - D STUDIO FILM INSTITUTE

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